I live in by the sea in England, growing up my mum was a chef and my dad a baker. All my happy memories growing up seem to be food related, I always cooked with my mum and my dad, helping out in kitchens with my mum and making bread with my dad but never really explored cooking by myself till i became vegan (about 4 years ago). Going vegan just seemed to make such sense to me, I far as I could see if you could eat tasty, healthy and nutritious food, all the time without harming any animal, then why wouldn’t you? So thus began an almost religious need to cook vegetables in tasty ways. Bring on the kale and embrace tofu I say! …..oh also I should probz let you know that I am a boy, cause the internet seems to think imma lady…. silly internet… you need to calm down…..


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  1. Hello, I have just looked at your blog! The recipes look delicious – I can’t wait to try them asap. It was also really cool to bump into another vegan. Keep up the fab work and I will be checking this blog out regularly. Georgie 🙂

  2. Wow, your blog looks amazing! I can relate to your family’s background in the culinary/pastry world and your reasons to converting to veganism. Also, I must say your bread looks wonderful (my baker’s niche). Keep up inspiring people with your vegan recipes!

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